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Functional Medicine Testing

Dr. Jelena Petkovic

Integrative Wellness & Age Management Specialist located in Miami Beach, FL

Identifying the root cause of chronic fatigue, digestive upset, and other persistent health issues is possible through the functional medicine testing services available at the office of Dr. Jelena Petkovic, PAC, MMS, DHSc. Dr. Jelena offers a range of at-home functional medicine test kits to help you learn more about your existing health and your long-term health needs. She also provides personalized care plans to ease your symptoms, optimize your vitality, and help you achieve your wellness goals. Call the office in Miami Beach, Florida, to learn more about functional medicine testing, or book a consultation online today.

Functional Medicine Testing Q & A

What is functional medicine testing?

Functional medicine testing can identify underlying issues such as food sensitivities or nutritional deficiencies that affect your existing health, vitality, and energy levels. These issues can also cause uncomfortable symptoms that lower your quality of life.

If left undiagnosed and untreated, some issues can also increase your risk for long-term health conditions, including cardiovascular disease. You may also age prematurely and experience early cognitive decline.

Dr. Jelena offers a range of functional medicine testing kits that you complete in the comfort of your own home. Test kits ship right to your door, and you send your completed test to a local site or a medical laboratory for review.

All results return directly to Dr. Jelena for further evaluation. Based on your results, she personalizes a care plan to your unique needs and wellness goals.

What functional medicine testing kits are available?

Through her online wellness store, Dr. Jelena offers a range of home functional medicine test kits to assess or identify:

  • Infections
  • Food sensitivities
  • Tick-borne diseases
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Brain neurotransmitter levels
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Functional testing helps Dr. Jelena understand your health needs, so she can recommend the right treatment plan to boost your vitality, enhance weight loss results, and restore overall balance in your body.  

When should I consider functional medicine testing?

You should consider functional medicine testing if you’re not feeling well or functioning at a high level but aren’t sure why. Schedule a diagnostic evaluation at the office of Dr. Jelena Petkovic, PAC, MMS, DHSc, if you’re limited by:

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Digestive upset
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Cognitive dysfunction

Dr. Jelena’s functional medicine testing kits can help you get to the bottom of your issues, so you can get the treatment you need. As part of your personalized treatment plan, she can recommend strategies like peptide therapy, supplements, hormone therapy, and lifestyle programs to restore balance in your body.

You can also access wellness resources to lower your risk for chronic disease and other preventable health issues. 

Call the office of Dr. Jelena Petkovic, PAC, MMS, DHSc, to learn more about the benefits of functional medicine testing, or book a consultation online today.

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