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Dr. Jelena Testimonials


What my dear friends and clients say about my work

Chad Welch

I have been a client, patient, and friend of Dr. Jelena for several years. I’ve seen her in clinic, attended her retreats and events, and have had the pleasure of participating in her meditation and energetic medicine healing. I always come away after my time with her feeling lighter, more vibrant and healthy. Jelena’s extensive knowledge is complimented by her big heart and desire to bring healing to the world.. I highly recommend to anyone looking to gain greater health, joy and healing to work with her, read her book (amazing, #ReturntoBeautiful) and catch her at one of her live workshops not to be missed!

Chad Welch

Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Expert and Wealth Activation Coach


Todd Giardina PhD

Dr. Jelena effortlessly blends soulful wisdom and medical knowledge. She presents as both professional and comfortably approachable. I’ve seen her for medical intervention and found her efficient and skillful. Her speaking and presenting skills are engaging and she makes you feel as though she’s only speaking to you no matter how many people are there. I recommend her highly.

Todd Giardina PhD

Psychologist at Coral Gables Counseling Center

Marco Peralta

My experience with Dr. Jelena was truly amazing. The work that she does goes beyond making you look great but making you feel great. It all starts with inner work, a great diet and feeling amazing in the inside. The result of all this work is a new light that shows also in the outside. I recommend her services 100%!

Marco Peralta

ART Director


Annelu Enríquez-Monis

Dr. Jelena is truly inspiring, love her work, everything she sets her heart to blossoms. She is very passionate about her work and helping people. I absolutely love it! and personally she has helped me heal in so many ways.

Annelu Enríquez-Monis

Women of Peace

Dr. Petkovic is the best provider I have ever been to. She is extremely knowledgable about all forms of medicine and really makes an effort to provide a holistic program to not only help you feel better now, yet sustainably over time. She truly cares and wants the best outcome for everyone she works with. I recommend her for acute issues or chronic ailments to help be on your team to feeling better fast.

Danna P


Dr Jelena actually took a look at what was in my blood and let me know what I had too much of / not enough of and then created balance through lifestyle medicine including nutrition and supplements. I’m so happy to say that my body changed after the first liver cleanse. My skin overall got healthier even the way the skin sat above my muscle tone. I stopped craving sugar and although I’m naturally slim, I even reduced my body fat. I just looked healthier! Overtime, I had no more cystic acne!!!. It’s been a whole journey; whole body, whole nutrition and whole emotional journey. I’m happy I had an advocate and a guide like Dr. Jelena through this process. She never gave me a Band-Aid, she gave me healing. Dr.Jelena Testimonials



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