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Restore your Vitality Initial Consult & Lab Prescription


Restore your Vitality
Initial consult & lab prescription

$399 Consult and Lifestyle Prescription included.

$699 Consult Lifestyle Prescription and Labs (nutrition, cardiac, immune, diabetes, hormone panels lab kit) included.

Get to the root of your fatigue and lack of motivation or mental clarity. Dr. Jelena wants to help you reboot your physiology to restore your whole life's vitality. Find out what is in the way of your best health and how to effectively remove it using supplements and scientifically supported lifestyle medicine. Dr. Jelena will help you address the root of your low energy and mental fatigue. She will help you reveal if hormone or nutritional issues are at the core of your issue and then map out the course of your recovery;

If you are experiencing fatigue, lack of motivation, depression, weight gain; dry skin, hair loss, and overall premature aging this is the first step to getting your vitality back. Book today and get healthier and more full of life than ever. This program will include a thorough consultation and lifestyle and medical plan to correct any lifestyle imbalances. For the best results, Dr. Jelena offers the best functional medicine testing to reveal the root of all your concerns and validate the course of recovery ahead.


Consult and Lifestyle Prescription included

Checkout $399


Consult Lifestyle Prescription with Labs (nutrition, cardiac, immune, diabetes hormone panels lab kit) included

Checkout $699


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