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South Florida’s Leading Functional Medicine and Beauty Expert for Women

As a 17-year healthcare provider, Dr. Jelena partners with women to help them achieve vibrant health and ageless beauty. Dr. Jelena can help you chart the course to your optimal health. Returning to your best, most vibrant self can be easy and be done from the comfort of your home. We make the process simple and we’ll be your guide each step of the way.

"My practice uses functional medicine to determine how and why illness occurs and to create a blueprint for optimal wellness by addressing the root causes verses just the symptoms. Once we get the patients their healthiest, we can have fun getting them into their best shape and ideal image.”


"Your most beautiful and vibrant life can be
unleashed through your health.”


Weight Loss and
Hormone Replacement

The Process

Every health journey needs a precision roadmap tailored from your personal biometrics, diet, and genetics.
Dr Jelena’s healthcare philosophy and process - leading patients on a journey to optimal health commonly includes these steps.



For many the path to health begins here in detoxification. Your customized program will intend to remove everything in the way of your best health, including toxins, inflammation and heavy metals. Expect lifestyle to be modified in order to achieve best results and allergies to be indentified and treated as barriers to health.



In the nourishment phase the focus is on supporting the body with scientifically researched nutrition, supplements and cutting-edge therapies that promote the bodies innate self-healing and regulating intelligence. Expect to feel more energized and peaceful in this phase of your health journey.



We can activate the bodies youthful function and regenerative capacity by adding back to it anything that it may have lost in times of stress. Whether vitamins, bio-identical hormones, peptides or growth factors the goal is to promote optimal and thriving health that not only elongates life but improved quality and function.



Now that we have addressed core health and optimal wellness we can step into weight management and anti-aging therapies. Depending on your goals Dr. Jelena can help you achieve your ideal body image that reflects the beauty of your health.


Dr. Jelena specializes in Functional and Aesthetic Medicine for women. Dr. Jelena is trained in functional, integrative, and anti-aging medicine and can help you achieve the safest and sustainable results for your ideal health, body and image.

Image Hormonal Treatment(Bio-identical)
Image Digestive health and microbiome assessment
Image Comprehensive Blood testing
Image Personalized supplements
Image Weight loss panels
Image IV Therapy
Image Epigenetic Testing (How to slow aging)
Image Medical Weight loss including use of GLP-1 peptide
Image Concierge Medicine
Image Genetic Testing and Evaluation
Image Antiaging medicine
Image Advanced heart health prevention.


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